Highly Customizable LED Lights For Your Project Requirements

Our Harp Signature Series features a unique two piece locking system, offering convenience, ease of use and value to our end users as well as our distributors.

User friendliness aside, our Lumicca LED modules are highly customizable to meet all your lighting needs. Upon request, we’re able to produce a simulated lighting plan for your project, using Lumicca’s high quality products. Just provide us with your project information, and we’ll get to work.

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Harp Signature Series – Perfect for your Project

The Harp Signature Series has two parts to it – the LED module, and the fitting. Both these parts are equally important to create the desired lighting effect for your project.

We designed the Harp’s high performance LED modules to meet the industry’s highest standards with these specifications:

  • Color consistency < 5 SDCM
  • Color rendering index CRI > 80
  • Unified Glare Rating UGR < 19
  • High Power Factor > 0.95

Lumicca’s Harp Signature Series customization options

The Harp is engineered to be highly customizable while meeting the industry’s highest standards. Here are a list of augmentations available, to be installed upon request:

1. Light Beam Angle

The Harp default Light Beam Angle is wide at 90 Degrees, making it a favourite for use in most homes. If you require specific light beam angles for your project, we’ll customize the modules to accommodate your requirements. Currently, we’re able to customize the angles to:

  • 25 degrees
  • 40 degrees
  • 60 degrees
  • 90 degrees

2. Dimming Function

There’s nothing quite as flexible as dimming function in lights. If you’re entertaining and need soft ambient lighting, turn the dimmers down low. Prefer bright lights to for a bright and clean look? Turn them all the way up. The Harp module can be augmented with the following dimming features:

  • Phase Cut Dimming
  • 1-10v
  • DALI
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Touch Dim

3. Support Power Pack

Power cuts can happen anytime, anywhere. While we can’t guarantee a continuous supply of electricity, we can make sure that the lights stay on during power outages. The Harp Signature Series module can be customized with support power packs, so your building can stay lit even when the world goes dark.

4. Support Sensors

Lend a sense of luxury to your projects with the convenience of automatic illumination. The Harp Signature Series can be fitted with a variety of sensors, so that the lights come on the moment someone steps into a room. You have the option of:

  • Microwave Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Photo Sensors

Finding The Right Fit

The Harp Signature Series module is designed to work with all our fittings, be it round, square, seamless, track lights, or even something that’s customized to your needs. With our unique Twist and Lock mechanism, changing a faulty module is quick and easy, making it ideal for long term use in commercial buildings and malls.

Thanks to the Harp Signature Series, you’ll always get the right fit!

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We’re happy to accommodate any enquiries you may have regarding our light solutions.