Fall In Love With Lumicca LED Lights

Ask anybody out there on the streets and they’ll tell you that LED lights are the lights you should get. From their energy saving properties to their ability to outlast traditional lightbulbs, the modern LED light has been the poster child of the lighting industry, with more and more manufacturers pouring money into research and development to further improve the tech.

However, as amazing as these lights are, they do come with their fair share of problems.

At home, end users find it quite difficult to replace their LEDs. Technicians are often called in just to replace a faulty driver and even then, qualified technicians can’t avoid damaging the plaster ceiling as they make repairs, creating a mess and incurring extra cost just to paint and refurbish the damaged area.

Distributors also encounter their own set of problems with LEDs lights; inventory management. To meet their customers’ growing demands, distributors are required to order and stock up on various models of LED lights, which means that they have to:

  1. Hire extra staff and create a system to manage the stock
  2. Take a gamble on models that may have a slow turnover rate, locking their cashflow.

Although these issues weren’t bad enough to deter people from using LED lights, our research and development team here at Lumicca realized that we could make massive quality of life improvements just by finding a solution to these problems.

Introducing Lumicca’s Harp Signature Series

So after months of research and testing, we’re introducing our Harp Signature Series lighting solution. Engineered to perfection with top notch quality materials, the Harp’s proprietary swappable system is versatile, highly customizable and most importantly, easy to use.

Harp RS10-AC

Harp RS10-AC

4-inch · round · recessed · 12 Watts · 1080 lumens · swappable

Harp RS15-AC

Harp RS15-AC

6-inch · round · recessed · 18 Watts · 1620 lumens · swappable

Harp Signature Series Swappable System

The Harp Signature Series has two parts to it – the LED module, and the fitting. The recessed downlight fitting goes into the ceiling, and you just have to pop the module in and twist! It’s engineered to make swapping out the module (to replace faulty parts) as easy and convenient as possible, without the need to remove the fitting.

  1. Benefits To The End User

    Our end users will no longer have to worry about complicated installation and replacement methods any longer. The Harp is designed with your convenience in mind, so If you have to replace the light due to a faulty LED module, all you have to do is twist, unhook a simple male-female connector, and replace it with a new module! No more cracked plaster ceilings and messy clean ups to worry about.

  2. Distributor Benefits

    Distributors will also be happy to know that with the introduction of the Harp, they won’t have to worry about overstocking. Most LED lights come in an 1 piece, so for you to sell 2 designs, you’ll need to stock up 2 different units. Our swappable tech allows our LED modules to be compatible with our 4 inch (RS10-AC) and 6 inch fittings (RS15-AC). This means with just 1 LED module, you’ll have 2 designs to sell your customers, effectively saving you 50% of your cashflow. With many more fitting designs that are compatible with the Harp module planned in the pipeline, your customers will have plenty of design options to pick from while you save cost by cutting down stockpiling!

LED Lights Specifications and Features

We designed the Harp’s high performance LED modules to meet the industry’s highest standards with these specifications:

  • Color consistency < 5 SDCM
  • Color rendering index CRI > 80
  • Unified Glare Rating UGR < 19
  • High Power Factor > 0.95

Lumicca Light Is Highly Customizable

Lumicca’s Harp Signature Series are easily modifiable to suit different functionalities, and we are able to create a custom set of modified lights, just for you.

1. Light Beam Angle

By default, the Harp’s light beam angle is positioned at 90 degrees, a popular angle which allows the lightbeams to cover a wider area. However, as the module is engineered to be highly customizable, we can change the angle to:

  • 25 degrees
  • 40 degrees
  • 60 degrees
  • 90 degrees

2. Dimming Function

Dimmers used to cost a bomb and had severe tech limitations. Lumicca’s cutting edge tech changes all that, by customizing our Harp Signature Series with multiple dimming options to suit your needs. The lights can be modified to have:

  • Phase Cut Dimming
  • 1-10v
  • DALI
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Touch Dim

3. Support Power Pack

For commercial buildings like hotels and corporations, the Harp Signature Series module can be modified with a support power pack, so that the lights stay on even during emergencies.

4. Support Sensors

The Harp Signature Series can also be augmented with a variety of sensors, so that you can enjoy the luxury of automatic illumination. The types are sensors that can be fitted on to the modules are:

  • Microwave Sensors
  • Motion Sensors
  • Photo Sensors

LED Lights Fittings For Every Home

Our Harp Signature Series module currently fits into 2 Lumicca fittings, which are the RS10-AC (4-inch recessed round downlight) and the RS15-AC (6-inch recessed round downlight). Due to its popularity and high demand, we are currently producing more designs, such as various surface mounted fittings, track light fittings and more sizes of recessed downlight fittings to complement our current lineup.

Carefully researched and designed to be compatible with our current Harp LED modules, these fittings allow distributors to give their customers more options to pick from while freeing up their cashflow.

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Our Harp series is versatile and we are eager to show you more. Drop us a line to get more information.