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Lumicca Inc is the result of a partnership between a light specialist and an engineer, we decided to go into the lighting business together. They currently run one of the largest LED light production factory in China.

The LED Lights Factory

Our Factory has been producing lights for the past 20 years, finding pride in our skilled engineering and superb craftsmanship. With a buildup of 8,500 square feet, the factory houses 4 production lines to meet the market’s high demands. It also houses a dedicated team of 5 in their Research and Development department (inclusive of the founder) that are committed to improving LED tech.

Our Location

We are located in one of the largest trading hubs in the world, The Port of Guangzhou. It’s an important port in South China, with an international reach of 300 ports in over 80 countries. This makes it easy for us to ship our lights to our international distributors!

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We’re happy to accommodate any enquiries you may have regarding our versatile Harp series.

Why choose Lumicca?

Lumicca’s Harp Signature Series high performance LED modules are designed to meet the industry’s highest standards for export with these specifications:

  1. Color consistency < 5 SDCM

    SDCM stands for Standard Deviation Colour Matching. This is generally a way to measure the colour consistency of an LED unit. For example, 2 lighting modules might have the same colour temperature, but if a unit’s SDCM is on the higher side, the unit may produce colours that have an inconsistent hue. With a rating of <5 SDCM, the Harp’s colour consistency is highly accurate!

  2. Color rendering index CRI > 80

    Colour Rendering Index or CRI a measure of a light source’s ability to bring out an object’s natural colours in comparison to natural daylight. Lumicca’s lights meets the industry standard of CRI>80, producing bright and vibrant colours!

  3. Unified Glare Rating UGR < 19

    Unified Glare Rating or UGR is a way of measuring the amount of glare produced by a light source. The higher the value, the more comfortable it is to look into the light. With a UGR of <19, the Harp module’s glare won’t bother your eyes!

  4. High Power Factor > 0.95

    Power factors measure how efficient an electrical item uses electricity. A low power factor means that the unit is less efficient, using more electricity that it should. The Harp’s High Power Factor of >0.95 means that our modules are power efficient, helping you save money while helping to keep the planet green.

Harp Signature Series Swappable System

The Harp Signature Series has two parts to it – the LED module, and the fitting. The recessed downlight fitting goes into the ceiling, and you just have to pop the module in and twist! It’s engineered to make swapping out the module (to replace faulty parts) as easy and convenient as possible, without the need to remove the fitting.

Harp RS10-AC

Harp RS10-AC

4-inch · round · recessed · 12 Watts · 1080 lumens · swappable

Harp RS15-AC

Harp RS15-AC

6-inch · round · recessed · 18 Watts · 1620 lumens · swappable

Benefits To The End User

  • Our lights are easily serviceable.
  • If wear and tear or malfunction occurs, the end user can just swap out the Harp module for a new one without needing to remove the entire downlight.
  • This eliminates the risk of the plaster ceiling breaking, saving money of touch ups and paint.
  • The lights are designed to be user friendly – with the pop and twist mechanism, any non-technical person can easily swap out the modules in minutes!

Benefits To Distributor

  • Distributors won’t need to worry about stockpiling.
  • The Harp module is currently compatible with our 2 fittings, and we have more designs in the pipeline.
  • Regardless if it’s a square, round, seamless, tracking or surface mounted fitting, they’ll all use the same module.
  • The distributor just needs to mix and match the LED module with the fittings to offer their customers different designs.

Be A Partner Today

Lumicca’s LED lights are engineered to meet the highest standards for export, and we’re currently looking for partners to act as our overseas distributors. With our strategic location in the Port of Guangzhou, shipping to you is never a problem, no matter which country you’re in.

We’ve also assemble a dedicated distributor service team to assist you with orders and to help smoothen out any problems you might encounter.

Upon request, you’ll receive Lumicca’s sales tools and LED test reports. Find out how to be a partner by contacting us today!

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Drop us a message and learn more about the benefits of becoming our distributor.