The Story of Lumicca

Lumicca was formed way back in 1997 when a group of like-minded young engineers banded together over their shared passion of lights and technology. With their attention to detail and high standards of quality, the group started designing and building lights for other lighting brands, and they quickly found success with their innovative designs and clever use of technology.

A few years later, the engineers decided to expand their business and built their factory in the Port of Guangzhou, with a buildup of 8,500 square feet which houses four heavy duty production lines. They started mass producing their OEM lights, meeting their clientele’s high demand for their products.

However, the founders have always wanted to create a brand of their own, with a goal to provide end users and project managers a way to get innovative light designs without spending an arm and a leg. With their customers in mind, the team got to work in early 2016 and invested heavily into research and development, creating its proprietary two-piece locking system which made its debut with the launch of the Harp Signature Series.

Since Lumicca was formed, the founders strived for customer convenience, quality production and inventive new designs. The Research and Development department are always churning out new ideas and studying new technology to keep our work relevant. Our sales representatives and distributors are given intensive training so that they can serve you better, and our distributors will be happy to know that our Dedicated Distributor Service Department are filled with knowledgeable representatives, all ready to assist you at a moment’s notice.

Today, our Harp Signature Series can be found at selected lighting outlets, and we’ll have more distributors as we grow. Drop us a message today to find out where you can find Lumicca’s Harp Signature Series!

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Our Harp® series is versatile and we are eager to show you more. Drop us a line to get more information.